D&B: Did Rich McKay Go Roller Skating As A Teenager?

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, November 15th
 The guys hit the dawg report, during it they talked about former Dawg AD Damon Evans gave permission to DJ Durkin to stay in contact with the coaching staff while he was being investigated which both guys think could get him fired.


Debo has been activated from the IR and the team has said they will not play Jones until he is completely ready.

Rich McKay joined Dukes & Bell, and talked about the game between the Chiefs and Rams being moved from Mexico City back to L.A. “Very distressful situation, the league always has a bunch of it’s own people to go in and work on locker rooms, press box, and the field. There was an issue a few years ago in Mexico City where the field was an issue, they had people there this year but once that concert happened it put the field in a bad condition and there just wasn’t enough time to get the field back into playing condition.”

Rich explained to the guys how the NFL flexes games “It all gets into the window of where you can flex, the league knows it can flex from 1-4, then with Sunday football the league said we can flex all day long from 1-8, but when we started discussing moving a game from Sunday to Saturday is where it becomes very challenging, but it’s in all of our best interests.” When asked about if the team has the ‘juice’ to make the playoffs McKay said “We definitely have the juice, we have to put it order, the Cleveland game was not what we wanted but we have to quickly turn the page, because from where the NFC sits right now its there, I think what we have to do is focus on Sunday.”  “I think the franchise tag has served players and served the league pretty well, everyone can say they are uncomfortable with it in certain situations but I think the system with the current way it’s set up serves everyone.”