D&B: Did We See The Next Michael Jordan Last Night?

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, April 23rd
Dukes and Bell open the show talking about the news surrounding the Frank Clark trade from the Seahawks to the Chiefs, and then we started talking about Grady Jarrett signing his franchise tender, the guys think that this means he could be close to a new deal with the team, and more importantly Grady could attend all of the OTA’s because he has signed the tender.

We hit the headlines.

The guys talked about the NBA playoffs as the Bucks closed out the Pistons, Carl thinks that Giannis Anteokonumpo could be doing Jordan-esque things in the 2019 playoffs and this could be something to remember. We then talked about Charles Barkley’s comments on Russell Westbrook shutting out some of the media in Oklahoma City, Barkley says that part of players jobs are to talk to the media. Kenny Smith says that he had a similar incident with a reporter and he did similar things to Westbrook, Shaq said he disagreed with both of them and you can shut out a particular media member.