D&B on Fields immediate eligibility at OSU: We will find out what he is as a Quarterback

Dukes & Bell
Friday, February 8th
Dukes & Bell talked about the breaking news that former UGA Quarterback Justin Fields has been granted immediate eligibility by the NCAA, which means he will be playing for Ohio State in the 2019 season.

Mike Bell talked about why this was a sure thing that Fields would get the waiver.

 “It was an embarrassing phase during his time with someone dropping a racial slur in the stands, I think everyone thought this was a done deal.” Bell said “There’s going to be a great debate on who is better between him and Fromm, we will get to see what Fields can do at Ohio State.”

 Carl talked about wondering what Fields is as a quarterback.

“I think there was no beating around the bush when Kirby told him you have to come in here and beat Fromm out.”  Dukes said “Whether he feels more comfortable at Ohio State or not based off his comments I don’t know but what is Justin Fields as a quarterback, we get to find out this fall.”