D&B Hour 1: Brad Guzan Joins The Show

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, March 25th
 Dukes and Bell opened the show talking about the Falcons new tight end Hayden Hurst and what he will bring to the Falcons.


Atlanta United Goalie Brad Guzan joined Dukes & Bell to talk about what he’s doing while quarantined, how he’s communicating with his teammates, and how do does a professional goalkeeper stay in game shape when he can’t leave his house? Guzan told the guys how he’s trying to stay in shape while being quarantined at home. “You try to keep somewhat of a routine.” Guzan said “Whether that is going outside if the weather allows and going for a run and doing that sort of thing. The club has been really good our fitness department in terms of delivering some equipment to all the guys, be it exercise bikes or medicine balls and things like that and making sure that guys have that at their disposal to stay fit and keep active. We don’t have the ability to use the training center, to use the gym but you have to be inventive and you got to find different ways to keep moving and stay fit as best as possible.”


The guys gave us the latest edition of bleepage.