D&B Hour 2: When Did The Braves Lose This Series?

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, October 10th
The guys hit the NFL Blitz.

Braves calls.

Legendary UGA Coach Vince Dooley joined Dukes & Bell.  “I liked the idea that we got hit upside the head early. I like the idea it was early, and we had time to recover, it was a new offense for them, the quarterback did a good job, and we adjusted.” When asked about UGA’s slow start on defense. “You can always have that.” Dooley said “I think the fact that it was a new quarterback, they saw some things, got them done but you were able to correct them. I feel good that it happened, and indication that the coaches need to do some things about it and they will.” Could Fromm and the offense do more? “He’s throwing for 78% percent and making big plays.” Dooley said “I do like the idea that Brian Herrien, who to me would be my goal line or short yardage running back because he knows how to get under the shoulders, he’s come on and is a real guy who will get yardage sometimes when yardage is hard to get. We’re pretty dadgum good, but it is true we haven’t played a Florida or an Auburn defense yet.”  “It’s human to look ahead, but coaches know and some players know you have to play them one at a time. It’s up to the coaches to remind them, and every once in a while it’s good to remember that anything can happen, and it’s the great thing about sports that anything can happen as long as it doesn’t happen to you.”