D&B Hour 3: Braves Are In Action Tonight On TV

Dukes & Bell
Monday, July 13th
The guys hit the Dawg Report. Will there be a College Football season in 2020? The guys on Dukes and Bell discussed on the chances that we have a season this fall.  Carl told college football fans to brace themselves for no season. “Right now whether you want to admit it or not there’s a 50/50 chance the college football season doesn’t happen.” Dukes said “Nobody wants to talk about it, nobody wants to say it, everybody is running from it, the reality is there’s a 50/50 chance that we don’t have college football. And the reason is because of what we’re seeing around the various parts of the United States other regions doing better than others different parts of the country. But with the decisions that are being made already, and the decision that we’re waiting on from the most powerful conference in the country, the SEC, we’re just waiting to hear where this is going.” Mike said he’s trying to be positive that we will have a season. “I’ve tried to be as positive as I can, I hate to be negative nelly, but there’s the world we want and the world we live in.” Bell said. We talked about the Braves decision to keep their team name, but review usage of the Tomahawk chop. YEA MAN/NO MAN.