D&B Hour 4: Where Do The Braves Go From Here?

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, October 10th
 In the Falcons report we talked about the

It was time for the “Strong Arm Story.”   With the Braves loss yesterday, Dukes & Bell dove into the mystery of Atlanta Sports and is there a curse? Carl said there is no curse. “This is not a curse.” Dukes said “How do you explain us being 0-4 in game 5’s all in our cities? Sometimes the explained is the unexplained and we all want to make excuses, there is no curse. Our teams whether they’re mismanaged, or ownership, you can go down the list of reasons why our teams have failed.” Mike talked about why the Braves lost this series.  “No this is not a curse, you are where you are because your team isn’t clutch, that’s why we lost this series.” Bell said “Foltynewicz was great in game 2, and whether or not the moment was too big for him, I don’t know.