D&B: It's Barco's Time To Shine

Dukes & Bell
Friday, October 19th
Dukes and Bell open the show with talking about huge lottery jackpot tonight as it’s around 1 billion dollars. We then talked about the Thursday night football team last night as the guys pounded their chest because they picked it as one of their picks. We then talked about the Red Sox clinching the ALCS last night, as they beat the Astros in five games.


The guys hit the headlines as they talked about the Falcons getting ready for Monday night against the Giants, as Grady Jarrett sounds like he will play. We are still awaiting word on what Calvin Ridley’s status will be, Carl said “He had around 3 catches before he went out and I feel like we lost some spark when he went out.” The guys talked about the Hawks-Grizzlies game tonight, Mike said “I hate how everyone is overreacting to one game, can’t we wait and let these guys grow before we judge them.”


Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell, “This a situation where Tata Martino has fit in nicely to everything that Darren Eales and Carlos Bocanegra want to do, and yes there are other coaches out there who can do that with their own twist on things.”

 “I don’t know if you’ll see drastic shifts in the way the team plays, you’ll see Barco and Kratz come in and it will keep Gressel where he’s been on the right wing where he’s been on fire lately. We’ve seen video of both those guys training with the team, they are active it’s just a situation where they can’t go this week and with the playoffs right around the corner you don’t want to risk anything.”