D&B: Is Luke Kuechly using Witchcraft?

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, November 15th
The guys hit the NFL Blitz as we talked about Luke Kuechly’s concussion device which he has been wearing the past two seasons which was created by an Army surgeon. Mike said “Some people are calling this great gains in medicine and others are calling it a witchcraft.” We then heard from Jerry Jones who mentioned Lincoln Riley as a possible candidate for the job, the guys then talked about whether or not Dallas should pay Dak Prescott.




Vince Dooley joined Dukes & Bell, Coach “It was rocking and it really got rocking when D’Andre Swift did what he did running 80 something yards on the way to the end zone.” “You want to keep the momentum going and that’s what Kirby has been preaching all year long, then you get ready for the big one Ga tech, and then the real big one Alabama.” Coach Dooley told the guys this week’s game is an opportunity to get Justin Fields more game action “I think that Fromm is doing so well, they’re trying to find a place where Fields can help, he’s really a big guy, he can make some plays. They’re trying to play him more, and hopefully against UMass he can get some more playing time. He’s learning, but he’s going to be a great player and if Kirby can get him in more this Saturday that’s going to be really good for him.” When asked about the UGA defense Coach Dooley said “I think they still have a lot of room for improvement, we’re not as good as we were last year and that’s understandable with the players you lost last year. Having to play against Tech and the wishbone, then going to have to play one of the best offenses in the country if Tua is healthy, that’s going to be a real test.”