D&B: MLS Changes The Playoff Schedule

Dukes & Bell
Monday, December 17th
The guys hit the Falcons report as Grady Jarrett joined the Dan Quinn Coaches show with Wes Durham & Dave Archer and talked about getting a much needed win “It felt good to get another win, that slide we were on was rough around here we expect to win and want to win so it felt really good to get another win.”

 Grady talked about how it felt to win the Falcons man of the year award “It felt good to be recognized as the man of the year, doing things in the community, doing things for kids feels good, and I just want to help others and it feels good to do those things.” Jarrett discussed the guys who have stepped up during the teams injury plagued season “We had a lot of injuries early, we fought those, and we had guys who had to play, and have gotten a lot better since they started playing Kazee is one of those guys who has stepped up, Jordan Richards has gotten better since he first got here.”  “Absolutely, Qb’s don’t like getting hurt so when he got hit those first few times you can tell they’re out of rhythm they start changing their timing, start putting their heads down and you can smell the blood in the water.”


It was time for the “Big Story” on Dukes & Bell as we talked about the new MLS playoff and reg season format.