D&B: Nagbe Could Be Gone Soon

Dukes & Bell
Monday, February 11th
Dukes and Bell open the show talking about the breaking news out of Cleveland that they’ve signed former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt who was cut after a video was released of him kicking and pushing a woman. We then talked about the hire of Bob Sutton by the Falcons to be a senior assistant for the team and handle timeout strategy, when to review etc. Mike said he wants to be snarky about the hire but with Quinn taking over the defense he understands the hire and more teams are doing this thru the league. Carl said he thinks it was a good hire because this is more experience in a very important year for the Falcons.


The guys hit the headlines as they talked about the rumors swirling around Darlington Nagbe, Tom Crean has landed UGA’s first five star recruit, as they land hometown kind Anthony Edwards, plus the Hawks are buying out the contract of Jeremy Lin who could reportedly land in Toronto with the Raptors.  


The guys talked about watching the new Alliance of American football over the weekend as the new league debuted on Saturday night. They liked the fact that you could hear what was going on with replays, as the replay ref was mic’d up and you could hear her talking with the official about the play in review.