D&B: Next Man Up Sounds Great But....

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, September 25th
 Coach Brian Billick joined Dukes and Bell to talk about the Falcons recent injury wave on defense “Every team does constant evaluation and has a roster of players at every position, what young players or veterans who might be out there that can come in. It’s not something that is easy to do, it’s unfortunate because I thought it was a top 10 defense before the injuries and no matter who you bring in you have to remember they are available for a reason.”

Billick talked about the added pressure on the offense to score more now“The league right now is wide open, certainly Atlanta with the talent they have with Matt Ryan, Julio and now Calvin Ridley emerging you will need to score four or five touchdowns a week and that puts a lot of pressure on you.”

 “It may be a derivative of what we saw in Oakland with Khalil Mack getting traded and getting a big deal, I think he would have reported after the first week if he wouldn’t have seen that deal happen.”

When asked about the new emphasis on protecting the Quarterback Coach Billick said  “We are trying to keep the Quarterbacks healthy and that’s a good thing, but it’s a tough one because I think how would I coach these guys, you have to hit them in the sweet spot, can’t take more than two steps after he throws the ball and now you can’t land on them so it’s a tough one.”


It was time to go on the sidelines with the Dawgs on Dukes and Bell as the guys talked about how the team will try to replace Ben Cleveland, and it now seems that Cade mays will be the guy.

Yea Man/Nah Man.