D&B: Is Orlando A Trap Game

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, August 21st
 The guys hit the NFL Blitz.


We talked about what Falcons player would have the biggest fantasy football season this year, Mike thinks it will be Julio Jones, Carl said he thinks it could be Devonta Freeman and if he is the Falcons could be headed to the Super Bowl.


It was time for the five stripes preview with Mike Conti, and Mike talked about the hot streak our United are own, is Atlanta United now the favorite to win the east? “I look at the calls that Carlos Vela gets in LA.” “This affects the golden boot race, those are penalties that Josef would have taken, then you look at the penalty Vela got against Atlanta United that was out of the box and this race would have been tied.” Mike talked about what has led to this hot streak by the United. “I think they aren’t overthinking anymore.” Conti said “Maybe that was the case early in the season as they were getting use to playing together, you take Miguel Almiron out and put Pity Martinez in that’s a major change, I think now they’re just going out and playing.” When asked about Atlanta United being first in the east. “They are first because they have a tiebreak.” Conti said “Atlanta United isn’t out of the woods in the east, New York City is the team in the driver’s seat right now because they have so many games in hand, it Atlanta wins out they will win the East. Your home games are critical, and your road games against lesser teams are critical, that includes this match Friday night against Orlando City, they’ve made some moves, they’re close to the playoffs and they were embarrassed by Atlanta United a few weeks ago in US Open cup and they are out for reveng