D&B: Ron Hunter Interview - Mon 3-18-19

Dukes & Bell
Monday, March 18th
Georgia State Head Coach Ron Hunter joined Dukes & Bell,

 “I know I did something well because I got invited in here to be with you guys.

“That was the case for the entire weekend, probably the best games back to back we’ve played. Our kids were really locked in, I talked to you guys before about the process and we’ve beat some good teams so were excited and ready to go.”

 “Last year when this group went in I think they thought they could beat Cincy but didn’t believe it. I think we will be a lot more ready for this, because going back to back I think that will help them.”

 “Everything that happens to Ga State basketball the focus is on him, DeMarcus is making unbelievably good plays. We’re a better team this year because we have five guys averaging double figures this year.​