D&B: The Search Begins Today

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, October 23rd
 It was time to go on the sidelines with the Dawgs, as we talked about the dustup between Michigan and Michigan State in pregame last week. We then talked about the Florida-Georgia game this weekend as old Dawg DC Todd Grantham will be on the opposing sideline as he is in his first year at the University of Florida. We heard from Kirby Smart about playing in Jacksonville, Mike talked about how incredible of an atmosphere it was last year being there as UGA made big play after big play.


Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell and talked with the guys about the Tata Martino news “We already knew that it was a two year deal, and if you look at his history it was going to be two years, we hoped we could persuade him but we understand he wants a new challenge, and it was a very amicable parting, and we’ve still got a season to focus on and that’s what Tata wants to focus on.”

 Eales continued on the impending departure of Martino “The reality to this is, in the rest of the soccer world this happens every day, the players are professionals they get it, I think it’s better that everyone knows what is happening and now we can start the process of looking for the replacement right away.”

 When asked what he is looking for in the new manager, Eales said “It’s pretty simple, we have a style of play and we want a new manager that fits that style of play because it’s our identity, the other is to fit our core value, we do the spike ceremony, players stay and thank our fans after games, it’s really important they understand that. The exciting thing for me is last time we did a search we had not stadium, training ground, no players and now we are on the pages of papers in Europe, so the possibilities are exciting.”

 Darren talked about how big of an accomplishment it was for the team to qualify for the Champions league “That was a big thing for us on the weekend is qualifying for the champions league, to think we’ve been the best team in points over the past two seasons is quite the accomplishment, and we’re quite proud of that.”

 Eales told the guys the timeline for finding a new manager “We’re going to get every single agent who has a coach to say they are linked to Atlanta United, I can say 99% of that is rubbish, we will be out there talking to coaches but we’re looking at the December timing to name a new coach.”

The guys talked about the Brandon Fusco injury and what it could mean for the Falcons.