D&B: Should Harbaugh Take The Packers Job

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, December 6th
 The guys hit the dawg report, the guys talked about if there will be a letdown in the Sugar bowl for the Dawgs against Texas in the Sugar Bowl. We then talked about who do you think should win the Heisman trophy award? The guys discussed their

Brian Billick joined “The last time they were down this path they reached out to McCarthy who had been with him, so they had a familiarity with him. Yea I could see Harbaugh being a fit, the mentality, the bravado but you have to know what you’re getting yourself into when you get involved with him, and I could see him being a good fit there.”

Yea Man/Nah Man.

The guys hit the Falcons report as the guys heard from Dan Quinn on the Packers, Julio Jones, and Grady Jarrett. We then heard from Matt Ryan in 1st and 10 featuring Dave Archer.