D&B: Time For The Falcons Offense To Set UP

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, September 13th

It was time for the Falcons Report on Dukes and Bell as the guys talked about Steve Sarkisian firing back at the NFL Network’s Kurt Warner over what defense the Eagles were in at the end of the game against the Eagles. Carl told us that he’s still worried about the offense, even more than he is the defense without Debo and Keanu Neal.


It was time for the day’s “Big Story” segment as the guys talked with Braves Legend Dale Murphy joined Dukes and Bell to talk about our Braves and talked about the position the team is in “This team wasn’t picked to do what they’ve done, they went thru a real tough stretch and then just exploded, and look Philly didn’t take advantage of when this team was struggling.” Dale told the guys the last time he saw a player perform like Albies and Acuna have this year “We all knew they were good, I went down to see Acuna in extended spring training, to come on and produce at this level is just remarkable, the only other time I remember seeing someone produce like this was Bob Horner.”  Murphy talked about the Braves pitching staff and what you can expect from them in the postseason “It’s untested in playoff baseball, I remember a stat about the Astros going into the playoffs without a great bullpen, but you get in the playoffs against good teams you just have to wait and see what happens, and we play really good defense, thunder in the bats and you just try to build on the momentum and see what happens when you get there.”

 When asked about the unwritten rules of baseball referring to the incident with Ronald Acuna and the Marlins Dale said “I don’t think Don Mattingly said at the beginning of this game that we have to hit this guy, I think it came out of Urena’s head, the problem with the whole situation is they were continually throwing him fastballs down the middle, this old rule that you knock down guys who are hot is really a myth, I would be surprised if Mattingly said this guy’s hot we need to hit him. I think it came from this guy’s head because he thought that’s what he was supposed to do.”