D&B: We Play For Trophies

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, August 20th
The guys hit the NFL Blitz.


 Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the big win on Sunday night against Portland, and what he wants Atlanta United’s identity to be. Eales said he was pleased with the win Sunday Night. “It was a great win.” Eales said “Portland is one of the great atmospheres in Major league soccer, they’ve been on a roll and I was really pleased.”  “It’s incredible to have scored in 11 consecutive games. Great pass from Julian, those two are just on the same wave length, it was just what we needed, start of the second half took the sails out of their wind, and it was a great team performance by everyone.”  “I think everybody came to the stadium not too sure what to expect. At 2-1 down I was kind of concerned and then Jeff drops one down and everything worked itself out from there.” “I think there’s a number of factors. We have our DP’s back, that’s definitely been an evolution, formation wise what we’re playing now seems to be working, I think generally as the season’s gone on we’ve seen it coming on. US Open cup is a big game for us because we have a chance to qualify for Champions Cup.” When asked what Atlanta United’s identity is.  “Our identity is we’re a team that wins trophies.” Eales said “That’s what we are trying to create here a team that is a dynasty, a team what can win championships every year, we have a chance to win two trophies before the end of August.”  I think people got a little bit over the top at the start of the season and that’s natural after winning the MLS cup, I think what we’re now seeing is a good team but we have a ways to go and ultimately in the US it’s about what you do in the playoffs.”