de Boer: 'I'm not here to change what works'

Dukes & Bell
Monday, January 14th
Atlanta United Head Coach Frank De Boer joined Dukes & Bell, De Boer talked about what he plans to accomplish here “I’m still getting to know the personnel but when something is already functioning well why would you go change everything. I’m not here to change personnel or playing style, the only thing I want to do is update it a little bit, and I want to continue the success.”

 de Boer talked about why the United job was so attractive “The core values, I think Arthur Blank is a very good example that the community is very important, the fans are important to this organization. Everyone here want’s the best for the team and the community, it’s a top sports climate.”

 When asked about what type of scheme he plans to go with “Last season they played different types of systems, and we have to see what’s the best for the team, I really have to see what’s best for the team and it will depend on what’s best for the team.”