Dennis Dodd: Tua Will Be The Starting QB For Alabama Week 1

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, May 2nd
 With the release of his post-spring Top 25 in college football is CBS national college football writer Dennis Dodd.  “I think Tua gets the job, but you may have to string Jalen Hurts along until Tua is well.  I do think Tua will eventually be the starter, but I think Nick (Saban) will try to convince Jalen to stay.”  On UGA remaining at or near the top in 2018 – “Absolutely.  Anyone of my first three teams (he had them ranked Alabama, Clemson and UGA right now) can be number one.  You have a quarterback that led them to the national title a year ago, and you bring in one of the top QB prospects this season.  They won’t miss much at running back and Kirby (Smart) is just getting started.  I was talking to someone during the spring meetings and we both agree, Georgia’s going to be in the mix for a while.”  In addition to talking about the transfer rules, he said he doesn’t believe this will happen soon, because there’s no consensus to make it happen right now.  “You want to give the players more freedom, but coaches are on board with that at this time,” Dodd said.