Dooley: Cager has been a difference maker

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, November 7th
Legendary UGA Head Coach Vince Dooley joined Dukes & Bell.

Dooley talked about how the Dawgs finally were able to put Florida away last Saturday.

“I think it was the best, and it had to.” Dooley said “Both teams came to play, we played good, they played good, but I thought we were just a little bit better, but you couldn’t put old Florida away despite the fact they couldn’t run the ball they still found ways to stay in that ballgame so we had to finish it out and we finished it out with that third and seven in order to keep the ball, so it was a great game and everybody is feeling a lot better.”

Coach said that Lawrence Cager has been a difference maker for the Dawgs at receiver.

 “Man alive, you know he made that catch against Notre Dame, I remember on a critical third down they threw one of those back shoulders passes and he turned, went way up and made a great catch.” Dooley said “Yea he’s been a terrific addition because we went into the season with the wide receivers looking like we lost too many of them but he has been a difference maker, he’s a dadgum good receiver and some others have played well to.”