Durham: Have to find a way to pressure Winston 

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, October 10th
Voice of the Falcons Wes Durham joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the pressure the Steelers defense placed on Matt Ryan “Absolutely, especially TJ Watt, I thought they did a good job of bringing guys from different places, the pressure that was on Matt all day made Atlanta struggle on third down and couldn’t get much rhythm offensively.”

 Durham talked about how bad the Tampa defense has been this year “Especially in the air, it’s an ugly number they give up thru the air, when they beat New Orleans to begin the year it was like an arena football game. They’re gonna start the rookie Jordan Whitehead out of Pittsburgh in the secondary at safety, they could be starting a young secondary on Sunday, and if they do you better get pressure on Ryan.”

 Wes talked to the guys about the suddenly crowded backfield “There have been in moments, when Devonta went down the opening night I thought Coleman and Ito developed something, but I still think there is a place in this world for 24 to be on the field, but once you get him you have to find a balance with all three guys.”

 When asked about what the team needs to do in order to contain Jameis Winston “There’s no question Atlanta has to be better with tackling, Winston is a better running QB than Fitzpatrick and they’re a team devoid of a running game. This is a team that you probably should beat, but Winston is a guy if you take his will from him he will throw to you, I think the early possessions of the game.”