Eales on DeBoer hiring: 'He clicked all the boxes'

Dukes & Bell
Monday, January 14th
Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell and talked about why Frank DeBoer was the right guy for the United “We’re really pleased to have someone of Frank’s caliber as our next coach, I think our team with the structure gives Frank a chance to do what he does best and that’s coach on the field. He checked all the boxes, player development, managing on the field, knowing how to coach a team coming off a championship.”

 Darren talked about the challenge this upcoming season will be “If you look at Toronto who went from the best season ever a year ago along with making CONCAF to this season not even making the playoffs, we understand the challenge that it will be, we will have to earn it this year.”

When asked about the interview process for hiring DeBoer “We have probably 50 credible inquiries, we got that down to about 10 candidates and then we actually ending up meeting with about 6 or 7 coaches. The thing about soccer is it’s a global game, I had come across Frank during my time at Tottenham, and you always take note of things just in case of something like this.”

Eales discussed how pleased he was that Asiedu fell to the team with the 24th pick in the Super Draft “We couldn’t believe that he was there at 24, his interview at the combine was brilliant, he’s quite small so that might be a factor, but we were just delighted that he was there when we picked. He won the MVP of the combine so he was the best player of those three games that take place at the combine.”