Eales: Never had any doubt during this season

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, October 29th
Atlanta United President Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell.

Eales talked about the atmosphere last week against Philadelphia.

 “Feeling good, it’s a bonus game at home isn’t it?” Eales said “When we spoke last week we were hoping that we’d get our business done, and it was fortunate for us that NYCFC lost that gave us a chance to host this game. Excited to have another game in front of the seventeen’s and it’s going to be hoping tomorrow, I thought last week the atmosphere was incredible, it really was, it was just loud loud loud.”

When asked about the Julian Gressel contract.

“We put a hold on it to the end of this season, we’re in the middle of the playoffs, we did this last year as well.” Eales said “This is at time for us to focus on the team and Julian understands that, he’s been a superb player for us, when you think back picked him number eight in the draft, that first draft we had and he’s been a great team player and a great guy, so he’s someone obviously we’ll talk to in the offseason.”

Darren said that they always had a vision for this season.

“I think it’s always been that, to be far to you guys we talk every week and that’s what we’ve been saying from the very start.” Eales said “It’s interesting when you go back we had a long chat about the culture, and I said this when we interviewed Frank, he was just as much interviewing us for the culture.  We explained to him that we had a vision, we explained to him what our expectations were, and also that these things take time, and we had challenges, we all had to go thru that as a club and myself in particular. I’ve talked about how Champions league until you’ve played in it, it’s easy to talk about what you think you’re going to do but until you actually play in it and have to deal with the travel, with the fact that you start with a preseason that is shortened compared to the Mexican clubs or the Costa Rican clubs so I think all of us fans, the club, players, coaching staff go thru that learning experience. The whole plan that we had was for a long term vision, so there was never any doubt that we were going to press the button, but I do think it’s easy to talk the talk you’ve got to walk the walk as well and I do think we’ve come out of this as a club stronger because we’ve been thru that and we say what we say and we’ve kept our word.”