Eales: Team is fully behind Pity

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, July 9th
Atlanta United President Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell and discussed the game on Sunday, the team’s defense of late, plus what’s wrong with Pity Martinez.

Darren talked about the last few minutes of the game Sunday.

 “First thing was it was an amazing atmosphere, the way the fans got the team back into the game with their energy.” Eales “It’s frustrating because you’ve got two minutes to go and you just have to shut them down, but in sport these things happens, and I love the rivalry we have with the Red Bulls. I think in the end a draw was a fair result we started the game well and ended it well but in the middle we didn’t do as well.”

When asked about the team’s defense of late.

 “It’s team defending.” Eales said “From giving the ball away when we didn’t mean to, to letting them in the box, its not really about individual it’s about collectively not letting it happen.”

Eales said the team is behind Pity.

 “The first thing is, he’s not a robot.” Eales said “Different players take different time, it’s frustrating for me because we know what he can do, you don’t do what he’s done without having that skill or talent, but the reality is he’s not performing to the level he can’t. We saw it with the pass to Meram, but look the history of soccer is littered with players who have taken time to settle, we saw that with Barco last year who took a year to settle, and we’re fully behind the player.”

Darren addressed rumors that the team is shopping Pity.

 “It’s obviously total rubbish.” Eales “This is a guy who is a legend in River plate, voted the top player in South America, it’s paper talk, it’s the silly season, this is a player we’re invested in fully and he’s got to adapt to the league.”