Emerson: Don't expect to see much of Zamir White this spring

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, March 20th
The Athletic’s Seth Emerson joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the UGA pro day, are team’s being nitpicking Deandre Bakers’s combine workout, and when will we see Zeus?

Seth talked about if scouts and analysts are being too critical Deandre Baker’s combine workout.

 “That’s what I keep coming back to, he allowed as many touchdowns at the combine as he did in his sophomore and junior seasons at UGA.” Emerson said “He’s faced physical receivers, fast receivers, I believe the tape don’t lie, I wonder if some of this is teams trying to talk him to falling or this is the typical nit picking, I’m not saying he’s going to be a hall of famer but I watched him play his entire career here and I don’t see much to nitpick.”

Emerson told the guys who might have helped themselves at the UGA pro day.

 “I wonder about Isaac Nauta running a better forty, he didn’t drop any passes, I don’t think it jumped him up to the 1st or second round but I wonder if it moved him up on when he goes on that third day.” Emerson said “Elijah Holyfield might have stemmed the bleeding, but what he did today didn’t put him in the first round or anything. Holyfield is a guy who’s good enough to be your second or third running back.”

When asked about the status of five star running back Zamir White.

 “Zeus is not going to participate much in spring practice, he’s going to run on the side.” Emerson said “They’re being very cautious because it’s spring football, it’s not something they will come out and say, but if this was August 1st, they would see what he could do."