Emerson on Justin Fields future: 'It depends on Jake Fromm's future"

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, December 5th
Georgia Bulldogs Writer for the The Athletic, Seth Emerson, joined Dukes and Bell to talk about the latest with Georgia Football and specifically the future of Justin Fields. Emerson on Fields being asked about the transfer question after the SEC Championship,  “He knew what was coming, I’m sure he was prepared and the team had told him that he would be asked questions. He kind of dodged it in a way that either he didn’t want to deal with it or in a way where he hadn’t really decided what he wanted to do. There’s a lot of moving parts here, a big part of it has to be what happens with Jake Fromm, the way Fromm looked in that game was like a pro QB, wouldn’t the best thing for Georgia be Fromm have one more year like that then go to the NFL and you have two years of Fields.”

Seth talked about if he think Fields will transfer “I don’t know, what do you do, it’s a little bit unfair to Fields to be the change of pace QB when he can throw the ball like he can, and DJ Shockley will tell you it’s a different time than when he played, we saw that with Jacob Eason who left after losing the job to Fromm.”

 When asked if UGA was trying to get multiple QB’s in this recruiting class “They’re trying to get a second one, they have a dual threat QB committed right now, and they’re looking for a second one in this class right now in Hawaii, it’s interesting that they are doing that since they only have 85 scholarships spots.”

 Emerson talked about if he feels Fields was misused this season by the coaching staff “He made clear that he came here because he wants to be a pro style Quarterback, the only reason he was pigeon holed into being a runner this year was because of Jake Fromm. The opportunity to use Fields this year that was missed was in the goal line package, and if you’re going to use him on a fake punt you probably should have rolled him out there more than once so it wasn’t obvious it was a fake.”

Emerson addressed the rumors on Mel Tucker heading to Colorado “It should be announced soon, I’ve not heard of him being on the road recruiting, I would imagine they won’t rush into hiring a defensive coordinator, I would imagine Kirby has a short list, I think he’s ready and the only person on the staff would be Glenn Schuman the LB’s coach.”