Emerson: Keep an eye on Sam Pittman's future now that Jim Chaney is gone 

Dukes & Bell
Friday, January 11th
Seth Emerson of the Athletic joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the rumors with Eddie Gran and the promotion of James Coley “You’re always going to hear two different versions on these types of things one where he was offered and one where he wasn’t. I did not hear from anybody on my end before it came out that he wasn’t coming here that he was offered the job. When the news came out that Chaney was leaving I also heard that James Coley was going to be the successor.”

 Emerson talked about whether or not the Dawgs are giving OL coach Sam Pittman a raise to keep him around “We have the open records request in, I expect he will be getting a bump, you would think Saban and Alabama would back up the brinks truck to get Sam Pittman but I haven’t heard that which makes me think that something has already been done.”

When asked if UGA was looking to part ways with Chaney before his departure to Knoxville “If they wanted him to be gone that would have been done already, yea you can say you wait for someone to take him off his hands but that wasn’t the case. When Tennessee made an offer for him with a lucrative deal like $1.5 million, Kirby probably thought that the plan was to keep him at $950,000. Last year the money was pretty even on both sides of the ball, and when you give Chaney that big of a bump, Pittman a bump now things start to get out of hand, and the other part is Jim Chaney wasn’t the greatest recruiter so when it came down to it they just decided to go with Coley.”