Emerson on Pickens flip: It was a big need

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, February 6th
The Athletics’ Seth Emerson joined Dukes & Bell to put a bow on Georgia’s 2019 recruiting class, which saw the Dawgs flip a five star receiver who had been committed to Auburn until today.

 Emerson talked about if the Dawgs would have the number one ranked recruiting class when it’s all said and done.

“It depends on who you ask, Rivals has Georgia slightly ahead of Alabama but 247 has Alabama far out in front of Georgia.”

When asked about how UGA was able to flip Mickens from Auburn

 “He had been trending towards sticking with the Auburn commitment or Tennessee.” Said Emerson “But Georgia stuck with it, there is some question on whether he would qualify. They only signed two receivers in December and they lost five leaving so they needed a receiver, he was on the board and they tried to make it work and it did.”

Emerson talked about whether or not the transfer portal is to blame for the recent string of transfers.

 “The portal itself is overrated, there are 1400 players currently in the portal and that number may be eye popping but the number of players looking to transfer is normally around 1400.” Emerson said “It’s just now there is a mechanism to show the players who are interested. It’s a good system because it can help the school out as well, and the NCAA has gotten much more liberal with the waivers and that’s what has changed with transfers not the portal.”