Feldman on UGA OC job: More Openings out there than people realize

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, January 10th
Bruce Feldman joined Dukes & Bell and told the guys if he thinks Kyler Murray is a top 5 NFL draft pick “It would surprise me if he went that high, people are reacting to the pick of Kliff Kingsbury from months ago on if he had the first pick in the draft and who thought it would play out to the case that he did. I could see someone drafting him in the first round, as talented as he is there are a few things to point out, he only played one season where Baker Mayfield played 3 seasons, the other thing is he’s not only short but he’s small and I think there will be concerns on his durability.”

 Feldman talked about what Murray has to do leading up to the draft to move up the draft board for NFL teams “Not just the combine but in the interview process where teams will say this is the guy who can be our franchise quarterback because that’s what it takes. Drew Lock put us some big numbers, he’s played in a few different systems, to me thought Dwayne Haskins is the number one quarterback in this draft class.”

 When asked about why Tate Martell has decided to transfer from Ohio State “Justin Fields worked with Quincy Avery this offseason and the other guys he worked with was DeShaun Watson and Dwayne Hasksins, so I think he had some really good intel on what was going on there at Ohio State and what it was like to play quarterback under Ryan Day. People are holding up Tate Martell’s tweets from before, not that it’s right but teams will ask what they’re going to be getting because he’s done a complete 180 in less than three weeks.”

 Bruce talked about the departure of Jim Chaney from UGA “It’s going to be interesting, I thought Chaney did a good job there, if I’m a Tennessee fan I’m happy with the hire, he’s a reliable good coordinator. I’m interested to see what Kirby Smart does there, I think you’re going to see people role the dice on guys who haven’t been call players since it’s not just Georgia that has an open coordinator job in that area, Miami is also looking for one along with a few others.”