Folty's next start biggest of career

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, August 6th
Braves reliever Mike Foltynewicz makes him much anticipated return to the Braves rotation tonight as they take on the Twins in the second game of three tonight in Minnesota. Could this be the biggest start in Foltynewicz’s Braves career?

Carl said this could be the jolt the Braves rotation needs.

“This is the biggest start for Folty since he’s been here.” Dukes said “We didn’t trade for starting pitcher, we went and strengthen our bullpen, this is like getting a new starting pitcher. If he doesn’t go out there and do well you start losing confidence like you did with Kevin Gausman, this could be the jolt the team needs.”

Mike talked about Folty’s pitch selection.

“I think sometimes he gets too amped up.” Bell said “Last year he was an all-star, when you broke spring training he was the number one, he had a good rehab stint, to me it’s about his pitch selection.”