Garland: 'I'm still studying the defensive playbook'

Dukes & Bell
Monday, November 12th
Ben Garland joined Wes Durham & Dave Archer on the Dan Quinn Coaches show and talked about yesterday’s loss in Cleveland  “yesterday’s tough, it wasn’t us, we have better energy than that, but we take that and learn from it, you have to look at it and say how can we grow and not make that mistake again.”

 Ben told the guys the emphasis he puts on run blocking “It’s a point of pride as an offensive lineman, establish the run game and protect your quarterback, we’re not going to make excuses and have to get better on that.”

Garland talked to the guys about what the team needs to do to get to where they want to be “Ignoring the outside noise, we have to hone it and come together as a team, people are saying there are so many injuries but we have guys stepping up and have to get better and make the plays and win ball games.”

 When asked about playing multiple positions on the team Garland said “Normally it would be very difficult, but with the way we cross train everyone is moving around everywhere so it makes it very easy to play anywhere, I can play anywhere on those interior offensive line spots, and you throw me on the defensive line and I can play any of those spots good as well.”