Glavine: Players Could need 3 weeks to get ready for Season

Dukes & Bell
Friday, April 3rd
Atlanta Braves HOF pitcher and current TV analyst Tom Glavine joined Dukes & Bell to talk about how he’s handling the down time, how long he thinks it could take the baseball to get back going once the pandemic is over.

Glavine talked about how long these guys will need to get ready and the difference from the strike shortened season in 1995.

“Here’s how I look at it, the longer it goes then the longer you’re going to have to have for some type of spring training to come back. Because you’re getting to the point now where they’ve been out for a little while, let’s assume that April 30th the country gets back to normal, now you’re looking at six weeks the guys have been out of it.” Glavine said “Maybe you can get away with a shortened spring training, three weeks or something like that. I look at it similarly to when we came back from the strike in 1995, but to me the big difference was we were still able to work out, we were able to get together in small groups and still workout these guys can’t do that.”