Has Teheran reverted back to the old Julio?

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, June 25th
Braves analyst Nick Green joined Dukes & Bell to talk about last night’s scuffle, what Josh Donaldson brings to the Braves lineup, and has Julio Teheran reverted to the old Julio?

Nick told the guys the Flowers-Contreras incident made for good entertainment.

“It was interesting.” Green said “I didn’t see what happened initially, but I thought it was kind of petty, I don’t know if Flowers said something or just smiled but it set him off. I was caught off guard that he went around the bases so demonstratively and then yelled at Flowers at home plate but it made for good entertainment that’s for sure.”

Green said Josh Donaldson brings an much needed edge to the Braves.

 “I like that from Donaldson.” Green said “I think it’s something this team needs, who knows if the other teams are ok with that, but it’s something that’s added to this roster, he plays with an edge and when he’s going well you’re going to see that more often than not.”

When asked about Julio’s last two starts.

“Julio needs to get back on track.” Green said “The last two starts it’s almost like he’s reverted back to the old Julio, whenever he was on that streak he wasn’t giving in and I feel like he’s been giving in a little more, for this rotation Julio has to be good.”