Hebert: Cam Jordan is out for revenge

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, November 27th
Bobby Hebert joined Dukes & Bell to preview the Falcons-Saints.

Bobby told the guys that when the Saints get after Matt Ryan, good things happen for them.

 “Yes the Falcons can beat the Saints again because it’s a division opponent.” Hebert said “They’re familiar with one another, the Falcons embarrassed the Saints, that might be the worst game I’ve ever witness Cam Jordan play in so I know he’s out for revenge and he wants to have a Grady Jarrett type game against Atlanta. They all know they have to get after Matt Ryan, in the history of Drew Brees vs Matt Ryan when the Saints sack Matt Ryan three times they never lose so they gotta get after Matt Ryan and force him to make plays.”

Hebert said he would be surprised if this game was like the last one the two teams played.

 “I’ve been in those type of games, I remember when I was with the Falcons and the Cowgirls had just won the Super Bowl and we spanked them by 10 points.” Hebert said “You got to come to play in the NFL, so I’d be surprised if the Saints don’t show up, they’ve got a mini-bye before they play the forty-niners. You have an opportunity to beat Atlanta, think about this if you beat Atlanta you’re NFC Champs for the third straight year.”