Hooper on playing TE in NFL: 'more physical then mental'

Dukes & Bell
Monday, November 26th
Atlanta Falcons Tight End Austin Hooper joined the Atlanta Falcons Broadcast duo of Wes Durham and Dave Archer in the final part of this week’s Dan Quinn Coach’s Show.

Hooper on what happened Thanksgiving night, “Time to go back to the drawing board and get ready for Baltimore.” Hooper said that Brooks Reid hosted a “Friendsgiving” and that’s how he and some of the other guys celebrated the holiday this year.

Hooper then talked about self-evaluation and personal development in regards to this season. Hooper went on to say that playing Tight End in the NFL is “more physical then mental because a lot of times you are going up against someone who can be fifty pounds heavier or fifty pounds lighter.”

Hooper on the differences between the NFL and college, “There are so many more specialists in the NFL that are great at one specific thing.”

Hooper then talked about how the Falcons use all the different weapons they have on offense and the process they go through as a team when putting together a game plan.

 When asked about the difference playing against a 3-4 like Baltimore compared to a 4-3 defense Hooper said “Typically for me, when you have a guy lined up outside who his only job is to not allow someone outside of you it is harder, than have a DE lined up right over you, that’s just how different defensive philosophies but it’s still ball you still have to get your job done.”