Hour 1 - 929 The Game Draft Show with Paul Crane and Dave Te'.mp3

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Sunday, April 21st
Paul Crane, and scout guru Dave-Te bring you the first hour of the 929 the Game Draft Preview Show.

Paul welcomes in Dave. Dave gives his top 10 players in the NFL draft. These are not the top 10 guys that will be drafted, but it’s the best players from this draft 3-5 seasons from now. Jeffery Simmons is a guy that could eventually become a force for the Falcons in a few seasons, Dave feels. Gruden’s pick could be a big pull in the draft, one way or the other. He could go QB; he could go D line.

Scott Wright/DraftCountdown.com – Scott breaks down 5 picks at a time his latest mock draft. With the first set of top 5 picks, Scott thinks the only surprise might be a team moving up for a defensive lineman. The next set of 5 includes the NY Giants, and how they might have questions about the health of several defensive linemen. Picks 11-15 have the Falcons taking Andre Dillard out of Washington State, which should begin a run on offensive linemen in the first round. Picks 16-20, the Giants find their QB Daniel Jones out of Duke. This is a set of 5 where some teams can find some great value. 21-25 could see a couple of teams move back and find a defensive lineman here. 

Dave and Paul break down the QBs coming into this draft. Dave posed the question of why aren’t the same concerns that are around Kyler being a one-year starter the same concerns placed upon Dwayne Haskins?

Dave breaks down his wide receivers. Dave LOVES Mecole Hardman, and thinks he’ll be catching passes next year from Mahomes. Baltimore is gonna find their new outside threat in Hollywood Brown from Oklahoma. Iowa is going to have 2 tight ends in the first round drafted.