How bad have the Braves missed Swanson?

Dukes & Bell
Monday, August 12th
Beat writer for the Atlanta Braves Dave O’Brien joined Dukes & Bell to talk about our Braves, the Austin Riley injury and how bad have they really missed Dansby Swanson?

O’Brien told the guys that the team was discussing sending down Austin Riley when he got hurt.

 “That was one of the discussions.” O’Brien said “He was one of the two options when Dansby came back when they thought it was going to be last week, it would have been Riley or Camargo. The timing of the injury for Riley was kind of good, he was getting killed with the slider, once teams get a book on you it makes it hard.”

When asked if the Braves have missed Dansby Swanson.

“Absolutely, a potential double play in the meltdown on Saturday night that Dansby makes nine times out of ten that Culberson missed.” O’Brien said “They’ve missed Dansby in a big way period, because his bat, Camargo is having a terrible year at the plate and there’s a huge drop off from Dansby both offensively and defensively.”