Hunter: 'I came here to change the culture'

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, November 13th
Ron Hunter joined Dukes & Bell and talked about what his Georgia State Panthers have this season “Well we have everyone back from last year, our second leader scorer hasn’t played yet but hope to have him back in December, we have a ton of experience and looking forward to getting it going.”

 Coach Hunter talked about the culture that he has been building at GSU “Part of what I came here to do is change the culture, and that’s now part of our culture, when you want to have that swagger you have to back it up. We practice hard, play hard, and that’s what we’re about every year we are competing for a championship, but right now we have a long ways to go right now, but we pride ourselves on being the best team in the state.”

When asked about the scandals recently around college basketball Coach said “It’s a black eye for college basketball, and it’s not something that’s going to go away anytime soon, I think this is about three years from going away, the NCAA is going to take about a year to investigate each program so this is just something that’s going to be around for a while. I played, I had a son that played and I think the kids should be compensated, but what the shoe companies have been doing is absolutely ridiculous."