Is Todd Gurley built for Outside Zone Scheme?

Dukes & Bell
Friday, May 29th
Yesterday on a conference call with the media Atlanta Falcons center Alex Mack confirmed to that the team was going back to the outside zone running scheme. During the Falcons report Dukes & Bell asked the question is Todd Gurley built for this type of offense?

Carl wonders if this offense will fit this version of Todd Gurley.

 “You can’t just run the ball up the middle three times or four times per game and expect to be balanced, you have to keep the defense off-guard and one of the ways to do that is with these stretch run plays.” Dukes said “So now I ask this question, is Todd Gurley built for this type of thing?”

Mike thinks he is, and that he proved it last year.

“Todd Gurley give him just a little bit of space and he’s going to make that happen.” Bell said “Even with the arthritis in the knee how bad it is or not he’s not the same guy but he was still explosive in the red zone.”