Is it time for the Braves to revisit the idea of signing Craig Kimbrel?

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, April 16th
The Braves bats have been hot the first fifteen games of the season, but the bullpen continues to be a question mark. With Vizcaino and Johnny Venters headed to the IL, should the Braves revisit signing Craig Kimbrel?        

Carl said he feels the bullpen is going to wear down with the lack of depth.

 “Looking at the bullpen and doing an evaluation, we have quite a few things going on.” Dukes said “Vizcaino has a sore shoulder, Darren O’Day isn’t ready, Johnny Venters has a strained calf, so you look at that and it looks like the bullpen is going to be taxed again should we revisit the Craig Kimbrel thing.

 Mike says that it reshapes the whole bullpen if Kimbrel is here.

“If you get Kimbrel it changes everything.” Bell said “You can move everyone up, Minter is doing the eighth, and so forth, unless you think some of these guys are the answer.”