Jake Fromm has no regrets about his time at UGA

Dukes & Bell
Friday, January 31st
Jake Fromm hit Super Bowl radio on Friday in Miami and was asked about never being able Alabama, Fromm said he is proud of what he did during his time at Georgia even though he never got past the Tide.

Carl said he doesn’t blame Fromm for never beating Alabama.

“I don’t blame Jake Fromm for what happened against Alabama, Georgia should have won that game.” Dukes said “We forget Jake is the guy who sprung the block for Sony Michel to win the Rose Bowl, he did so many wonderful things while he was at Georgia but the Alabama thing, there’s a lot of quarterbacks who haven’t beaten Bama it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

 Mike talked about the run Fromm went on as a freshman.

 “That would have been unbelievable the 17 run as a freshman to beat Notre Dame, to beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl.” Bell said “And then to be in a position to win it all, you were in the catbird seat and then 2nd and 26th and Tua makes a play.”