Jason Longshore: 'Barco plays at another level'

Dukes & Bell
Monday, May 14th

Joining the show to talk about Sunday’s ATLUTD win at Orlando is 929 soccer analyst Jason Longshore.  With the chippiness being showed between the two teams, “It’s a rivalry, you can see the extra edge to it.  They (Orlando) seemed to fall apart mentally,” Longshore said.  He wasn’t too pleased with the behavior of some of their players, especially the dive by Will Johnson.”   Thoughts on Ezequiel Barco’s play yesterday? – “Barco plays at another level…it’s the little things.  It’s the pause before a shot, he’s at such another level of talent, it’s great to see.”  With Alex Kann in for Brad Guzan, how did he look to you? – “It was great when Alex Kann got in there, going into that environment, he made the necessary plays and the impressive thing was the fact that Atlanta didn’t get flustered (by the only goal scored by Orlando).”​