Joe Patrick on with Robb and Emily "We have never seen nothing like this before."

Robb Tribble
Sunday, May 26th
Joe Patrick, our 92.9 The Game Braves Insider, join Robb Tribble and Emily Austen to talk about the Braves losing to the Cardinals 6-3. Both Robb and Emily mention their concerns about the Braves bullpen but Joe made them feel a little better. He talked about the bullpen playing better in spite of yesterday's blown lead. He also said due to teams playing money ball, this isn't just an Atlanta Braves problem. Joe said this is an MLB problem. He says the Dodgers are one of the league leaders in blown wins. 

Joe does think that the Braves will  be buyers by the deadline. He says, "they (Braves) are like a Poker player. They have a hand, they know it's a good hand but trying to find the right time to push their chips in." He continues to say that the Braves, "will add an arm," by the deadline. 

This moved the conversation to Austin Riley. When Joe was asked about Austin Riley he said its hard to describe because we haven't seen this before.