Kazee: Playing against Matt Ryan in practice has helped me

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, February 7th
Damontae Kazee joined Dukes & Bell to talk about this past season, what he needs to work on this season, and what Falcons players helps him the most.

 Damontae talked about how he has adjusted to playing the safety position.

“Sitting back there you have to be patient, free safety is one of the hardest positions on the defense, you have to make the tackle because you’re the last one there and everyone knows when you miss the tackle.” “I’ll play anywhere they put me, if they put me at nose tackle I’ll play there, I don’t care.”

 Kazee talked what he thinks it will be like with Dan Quinn running the defense and how he likes DQ as a Head Coach.

“It’s going to be fun, with him being the head coach he’s going to want things to be perfect but I honestly think things are going to be better.” Kazee said “He’s a player’s coach, I love Dan Quinn, he wants us to enjoy ourselves but to do our job, he tells us to get better every day but mainly play your game.”

When asked about what he thinks he needs to work on this offseason.

 “My tackling, with the changes in the rules I have to learn to pick my head up.” Said Kazee “I got fined all year and I have to stop missing tackles, in the Cleveland game I missed a tackle, I missed one in the Bengals game and to me that’s the number one thing I have to work on.”

Kazee talked about what players have helped him adapt to playing the free safety position this year.

“Matt Ryan and Ricardo Allen helped me throughout the year.” Said Kazee “Playing against Matt Ryan in practice he’s looking me off and putting me in certain places has taught me this is what Matt Ryan was doing so don’t do that in a game.”