Lalas on United: 'They're the MLS Superclub'

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, December 6th
Alexi Lalas joined Dukes & Bell and he told the guys what he thinks of Atlanta United “When I think about Atlanta United right now they are the MLS Super Club, the club that as many people love they hate, the club everyone is judged against. They’ve been incredibly popular, they’ve spent money, they’ve made money and there is a global recognition now, this community deserves a ton of credit for that, but if you want to keep that you better win on Saturday because you’re the better team, I know it, Portland knows it, everyone knows it.”

 Lalas talked about the effect of the United on the MLS “This is not just good for Atlanta, you make the other owners spend money, when it comes to style of play it’s easier to be more attacking with an Almiron and Josef Martinez, it’s come together with domestic talent as well, but I’m interested to see what this community is like when you’re not winning.”

Alexi talked about the unsung heroes on the United “Michael Parkhurst grew up watching me, he’s an old guy in the league and with that you get not only a solid player but a solid leader in that locker room, for me Darlington Nagbe is a guy if you give him a ball he will not lose, ultimately this is a guy you want on the field, Guzan in goal, he’s very important, a solid goalkeeper, and a guy that you know will save your butt who playing behind you.”