Ledbetter on Grady Jarrett's contract: The market value is $15 million a year 

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, February 6th
D Orlando Ledbetter joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the Falcons latest moves with the cuts of CB Robert Alford, Kicker Matt Bryant and DE Brooks Reed to save money against the cap.

Ledbetter talked about why the team didn’t pick up the option on Bryant.

 “That’s a spot where you could get younger at and cheaper, paying a kicker that type of money is a luxury that you don’t have anymore.” Said Ledbetter You can use that money to pay position players, new guards, Julio and Grady Jarrett, so the move wasn’t surprising.”

When asked about if these moves would free up the team to go after some big name free agents.

“It’s still tight, that puts you right at 40, you started out at $25.” D Led said  “But they could get it higher by getting Vic Beasley’s cap hit down by signing him to a few years and spreading it out. You also have Keanu and Deion coming up so you have to sign some of those guys in the next few years.”

Ledbetter talked to the guys about where Grady Jarrett’s contract situation currently stands

 “The market value is $15 million, his agent is not going to give you a discount, but I have problems with $15 million.” Said Ledbetter “$10 million would be good but the market is such that he might be underselling himself. They aren’t going to let him go to free agency, but then again they don’t want to franchise him either.”