Longshore: Barco is a creator, not a finisher

Dukes & Bell
Monday, April 22nd
Atlanta United Analyst Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the team’s loss against Dallas.

Longshore said you can’t give up goals early on in matches.

 “Right now the biggest issue is you conceded in the sixth minute.” Longshore said “You can’t give up early goals, and Atlanta has had that habit this season, you can’t give up early goals and expect to win, when you concede an early goal like that chances are you aren’t getting three points that day.”

Jason told the guys it’s not the defense as a whole but individual mistakes.

 “Defensively for me it’s individual mistakes.” Longshore said “This has been the problem, LGP has made some mistakes, the one goal was because of a decision to go to the ground for a tackle and you miss, there’s no need for that in the sixth minute it’s a desperation play and too risky for that moment.”

When asked about Barco's play of late.

“You have to." Longshore said "One problem is when you’re looking to Barco to score those goals, and that’s not his job, he’s not the big goal scorer, he’s the creator.”