Longshore: Barco played with a chip on his shoulder

Dukes & Bell
Monday, April 15th
Atlanta United Analyst Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell as the guys talked about the team’s win Saturday over New England and Ezequiel Barco’s game changing performance off the bench.

Longshore talked about why Barco didn’t start the game on Saturday.

 “I think it was tactical.” Longshore said  “You look at how New England plays they are allergic to the ball, when you play someone like that you need to have three strong midfielders.”

Jason said he thought Barco played Saturday night with a chip on his shoulder.

 “I think he has become that guy.” Longshore said “I think him sitting to start was purely the tactics of this match, I think Barco is a key, he came in off the bench with a chip on his shoulder with something to prove and he did.”

When asked about the team missing some opportunities to score more goals.

 “There were a few goals left on the table.” Longshore said “You created a ton of chances, on the night you created 18, that’s more than any other game so far, what’s impressive is when you get the chances, don’t get as many as you’d like but you kept the other team from scoring any.”