Longshore: 'Miles Robinson was outstanding'

Dukes & Bell
Monday, November 12th
Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell and talked about Miles Robinson’s play of all people “Miles Robinson was outstanding and the reason he was is go back to Atlanta United 2 the resources they’ve put in it is why Robinson was able to step in and play his best match yesterday.”

Longshore talked about who he thought was the man of the match “We went thru about four or five who could have been match of the match, I went with Escobar as mine, but the thing about New York City is their approach felt like they were desperate, they looked like they were desperate with their reactions to the calls and trying to goad Mark Geiger to make calls while Atlanta United went out and just played their game.”

 Jason told the guys a nice stat about Miguel Almiron’s goal “Set pieces have been special from this group and how they’ve executed them, then on the free kick Miguel Almiron said it was a miracle for him, his first professional goal from a free kick.”

When asked about why the Eastern Conference finals opponent the New York Red Bulls has given the United issues Jason said “Difficult style of play, a team that’s when it’s at its best they want to play like Atlanta does, where they possess the ball, but the last two games have shown a different style of play from Atlanta, look at last night 30% possession, I love the fact that we have the first leg at home though play your game get a lead and then go finish it on the road.”